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red booty builder bandred booty builder band benefitsRed Booty Bandred and black booty builder bandsPink Booty Bandbooty builder band being usedGreen Booty Bandbooty builder band being usedbooty builder band inner materialblack booty builder band
booty builder band - all colours
red booty builder band
red booty builder band benefits
Red Booty Band
red and black booty builder bands
Pink Booty Band
booty builder band being used
Green Booty Band
booty builder band being used
booty builder band inner material
black booty builder band

Booty Builder Bands


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Our booty builder bands have been carefully designed by elite PT Josh Tweed for ultimate quality, comfort and enhanced performance.

Booty Builder Bands have one simple goal, to help build the perfect set of glutes!! Using the Booty Builder Bands, no matter how strong you will be sure to get a good workout

Compact and easy to store away Booty Builder Bands are perfect for training at home, on vacation or at the gym

Please note: Each colour band has a different strength as follows:

  • Black & Red – strength = difficult
  • Pink & Green – strength  = medium
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Builds and tones glutes
Compact and easy to store
Can be used at home in the gym or on vacation

2 reviews for Booty Builder Bands

  1. Mike

    I order the booty resistance band and the quality was amazing. High recommend it.

  2. Leona

    I found this very effective on glutes and legs and have seen great results. Love the quality as it stays in place and doesn’t slip. I use it everywhere I go. I highly recommend it

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Booty Band

Our Booty Band has been designed and created by Elite PT Josh Tweed. Josh has been in the personal training industry for many years and has worked with many clients who want a better booty.

Get results with our Booty Band

Our booty band has been specifically designed to produce the desired results of a better booty as quickly and effectively as possible. We know that many people live busy hectic lives and finding time to workout can be a challenge. Additionally, you can exercise for short periods of time and still achieve excellent results, fast!

Comfortable & Quality

Not all booty bands are made equal. Some are not designed by personal trainers and this only becomes apparent when in use. The booty band we have created is not only comfortable but its made from high quality materials. This ensures that it fits well with minimal slip and also doesn’t stretch over time like some other lower quality booty bands.


Tailor your workout for the booty you want

You can do various workouts that will all achieve slightly different results. The workouts will all work on your glutes no matter how you use it but each exercise works slightly different areas. The booty band is designed to lift and tones glutes as well as toning the lower body so it’s a good idea to try a variety of workouts to see which works best for you.

red booty builder band

Booty band colour options

You can have your booty band in a variety of different colours. We decided to make them in Pink, Black, Green and Red and each one is slightly different as we will explain:

  • Pink and Green booty bands are medium strength
  • Black and Red are difficult strength

If you are a pro at squats and other lower body exercises then we recommend going for the Black or Red booty band as this will push you harder and will achieve results faster. On the other hand if you are not too comfortable with squats etc then go for either the Pink or Green booty band. The reason for this is that these two have been designed to be challenging but are easier than the black and red so help beginners ease their way into working with booty bands.

Enhance your performance with a booty band

The booty band is a great way to gradually strengthen your lower body and results are quicker than if you do just squats alone. The booty bands are ideal for athletes to use when wanting to strengthen their lower body as it provides a level of resistance that is more natural than a leg press machine so results are more predictable.

Want a perfect butt?

If you want a perfect butt then a booty band is a great place to start. Simple to use and designed to target those glutes meaning it’s the ideal low cost solution to achieving your goal. Using the Booty Builder Bands, no matter how strong you will be sure to get a good workout.

Compact and easy to store

If you need a booty solution that is compact and easy to store away then these are the perfect fit for you. You can use them for training at home, training when you go on vacation or use them at the gym.

Buy a booty band today

If you want to give our booty band a go then why not purchase one today and see the results for yourself. Be sure to check out some of Josh Tweeds blogs and videos on Instagram to see some popular workouts that can be done with the booty band.

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Booty Band Belts Now Available

Check out our new Booty Band Belts

Designed by Elite PT Josh Tweed with comfort and quality in mind. With various workouts this piece of equipment builds, lifts and tones glutes as well as toning lower body. Available in either black or pink.


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Josh Tweed

The picture above is from one of my latest photo shoots in London.

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